the drink you drink

25' | 2016

The Drink You Drink is a piece that I had wanted to create for about a year. I finally had the opportunity to start working on this piece in early 2016, and I presented it as my final work as an undergraduate composition student.

This short film is comprised of symbolism, which is achieved, in part, through a radical reduction of the visual dynamic spectrum. As a composer, it was an interesting challenge to find satisfying combinations using just a few colors, much like the challenge of writing a piece for just two or three instruments.

The film is divided into three sections. Each part may be thought of as a reintensification of the plot.


8' | 2015

Graveyard Shift is a piece inspired by the events that I experienced while working overnight at a retail store. I filmed the videos over the course of two days and then spent one week editing the video and one week writing the music. All videos were shot with a GoPro camera in Lincoln, Nebraska and in an abandoned pioneer's cemetery in western Iowa called Slates Cemetery (est. 1878).