Click-tracks and Finale

      Last night I was in a situation where I needed to supply my musicians with a click track version of the MIDI mockup for an upcoming performance. I discovered that although Finale does have an easy to use click track that can be generated in the program, it is not possible to hear that click track when you export the audio file. Others have suggested creating a hidden staff in your score  and manually input different percussion sounds in to create a ONE two three four click track. The problem I had with this approach is that my time signatures change constantly for this piece, and it is about 400 measures long. My solution involves Finale and another DAW of your choice (Logic, Pro Tools, Reaper, Ableton) and is as follows:


1) Export the MIDI file in Finale. Select the 'Tempo Map' option in the top half of the dialogue box and save it.

2) Open your DAW and import this MIDI file. 

3) Import the corresponding audio file.

4) Create a click track within your DAW. In the version of Pro Tools I have, this is simply done by selecting the 'Track' dropdown menu and clicking on 'create click track'. In Logic Pro X all you have to do is enable the metronome next to the master volume fader.

5) Change the volumes of tracks as is desirable and bounce to a disk! That should give you your audio file with the click-track.


How to know if everything matches up?


       Just look at the top of the timeline to make sure all of the time signature changes are appearing and/or the tempo tracks to make sure the correct tempos are being displayed. Here's how my project looked last night for the click track I made (Pro Tools and Logic X examples). 

Thanks for reading.